Screenplay & Director

Axel Ranisch

Script collaboration

Sönke Andresen


Frithjof Gawenda
Heiko Pinkowski
Christina Große
Robert Alexander Baer
Hardy Schwetter
Rosa von Praunheim
and many others

Feature Film | Comedy

Key Facts


Co-production with ZDF / Das kleine Fernsehspiel and ARTE. Funded by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB)

World premiere: 30.06.2013 in the competition „New German Cinema“ at the 31st Filmfest München, Cinema release: 31st October 2013, First Broadcast: 8:15 pm | ARTE | 22nd May 2015


Diver Hanno Herbst doesn’t get his son – Florian is chubby and a daydreamer, listens to Schlager and is not interested in girls. In fact, he is happiest when Hanno isn’t home and Florian dances around the flat with his mom in his disco-outfit. But when there is no one left to stand between them Hanno and Florian must learn to live with each other. With the help of Schlager-star Christian Steiffen and sex therapist Rosa von Praunheim they establish a brand-new father-son-relationship.

Preise und Auszeichnungen

Best Film

LA Indie Int. Film Festival 2014

Best Screenplay

Axel Ranisch

LA Indie Int. Film Festival 2014

Best Young Actor

Frithjof Gawenda

LA Indie Int. Film Festival 2014

Queer Award

Torino Int. LGBTQ Film Festival 2014

Mainzer Rad: Best Film

FILMZ: Festival of German Cinema 2013


Axel Ranisch

Baden-Baden TV Film Festival 2013

Audience Award: Best Film

Wiesbaden Exground Film Festival (Youth Days) 2013

Newcomer Award

Frithjof Gawenda

Saxony-Anhalt Film Festival 2013

Audience Award

Osnabrueck Independent Film Festival 2013

Special Mention

Frithjof Gawenda/Heiko Pinkowski

Bilbao – Zinegoak Int. Film Festival 2014

German Cinema: New Talent Award Nomination

Munich Int. Film Festival 2013