Das Gesetz sind wir

Das Gesetz sind wir


Markus Imboden


Holger Karsten Schmidt


Julia Koschitz
Aljoscha Stadelmann 


André Zoch
Alexandra Kordes
Meike Kordes

TV Movie | Crime

Key Facts


ZDF-commissioned production

First broadcast: 8:15 pm | ZDF | 25.3.2020


Maja Witt and Klaus Burck are police officers in Bremen and work as a team at central station area. Every day they are confronted with bigger and smaller crimes and not always the criminals are convicted. Instead, they run free and reappear on the annoyed officers’ radar in no time. A bad salary isn’t helping their frustration. When an especially provocative incident presents the last straw that breaks the camel’s back, Witt and Burck see themselves forced to act – and take on their own means to enforce the law.

Preise und Auszeichnungen

German TV-Crime Award

German TV-Crime Festival Wiesbaden 2020

Best Actor

Heiner Stadelmann

German TV-Crime Festival Wiesbaden 2020