Screenplay & Director

Tomasz E. Rudzik


Karolina Gorczyca
Hildegard Schmahl
Lorenzo Nedis
Jörg Witte
Rafal Garnecki
Elisa Schlott
Wojtek Zielinski
Johannes Silberschneider
and many others

Feature Film | Drama

Key Facts


Co-production with BR, ARTE und ARRI. Funded by German Federal Film Board (FFA), German Federal Film Fund (DFFF)

World premiere: 16.10.2014 at the 30th Warsaw International Film Festival

Cinema release: 18th June 2015


Without a penny in her pocket and on the run from her past, Agnieszka leaves her native Poland in the middle of the night. In Munich she meets the former ballet star Aunt Lisbeth, who has now faded entirely from the public eye. She gives the anchorless Agnieszka sanctuary and a job: she starts to work for Aunt Lisbeth as a dominatrix. When Agnieszka meets the 16-year-old Manuel, falling undyingly in love with him, developments pile up.

Preise und Auszeichnungen

Bavarian Film Award: Best Direction – Young Film

Tomasz Rudzik 2014

Best Actress

Karolina Gorczyca

Sehsüchte Int. Student Film Festival 2015

Seal of Approval: Highly Recommended

German Film- and Media Review


German Film Award: Best Female Lead Nomination

Karolina Gorczyca


German Cinema: New Talent Award Nomination

Hof Int. Film Festival 2014

Tankred Dorst Screenplay Award Nomination

Munich Int. Film Festival 2011