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LOLA in Gold for FOUR MINUTES - written on 15.05.2007

FOUR MINUTES wins the German Film Award 2007

FOUR MINUTES was decorated twice at the German Film Awards on May 4, 2007 at the Palais am Funkturm in Berlin. Chris Kraus's drama was awarded the top prize in the royal category of "Best Fiction Film," the LOLA in gold. This prize, given by the German Film Academy, comes with €500,000 in funding for the production. Monica Bleibtreu also won "Best Female Lead" at the gala celebration for her exceptional performance in FOUR MINUTES.

First run in Italy - written on 15.05.2007

Sensational start for FOUR MINUTES in Italy.
FOUR MINUTES, winner of the German Film Award, had a sensational start in Italy. Already dubbed "best film" in Bozen and Genua a month before, FOUR MINUTES also won the audience award in Genua. Chris Kraus's drama (writer and director) is now taking Italian audiences by storm.
FOUR MINUTES, just a week after starting, was second place in viewers per copy, beaten only by the blockbuster "Spiderman 3." Ladyfilm, the international distributer, reacted quickly to meet the rising demands of the audience and tripled the number of copies in the second week. Meanwhile, FOUR MINUTES is in slot 12, rising from 16 at the Italian box office charts.

FOUR MINUTES 300.000 viewers in Germany - written on 15.05.2007

The winner of the German Film Award FOUR MINUTES tallied 300,000 viewers at the box office.
Chris Kraus's drama FOUR MINUTES, having received the LOLA in gold as "Best Fiction Film" 2007, could make new gains at the box office. "We are now at 312,000 viewers and our distributer Piffl had to make new copies in order to meet demands at the box office" said Producer Meike Kordes. Kordes & Kordes Production's prison drama has been exciting and moving audiences successfully at German cinemas for 14 weeks.
After a showering of awards last month - FOUR MINUTES not only won the German Film Award for "Best Fiction Film" and "Best Female Lead" for Monica Bleibtreu, it also won the Bavarian Film Award; added to that are festivals in Shanghai, Bozen, Genua, Reykjavik and Sofia along with various audience and actors' awards - FOUR MINUTES, with exceptional performances from Hannah Herzsprung and Monika Bleibtreu and a compelling, extraordinary story, is winning over a broad audience.

GERMAN FILM AWARD 2007 - written on 28.03.2007

FOUR MINUTES one of the favorites at the German Film Award 2007
The touching prison drama FOUR MINUTES, produced by Kordes & Kordes Film GmbH, has been catapulted to a top slot for the German Film Award with a surprising flood of nominations.
Second only to Constantin's production PARFUME, FOUR MINUTES received eight nominations.
"PERFUME had fourty times our budget and is a literary bestseller adaptation with international stars like Dustin Hoffman. So we are very happy that our comparatively small production is seen by the German Film Academy as an artistic alternative. We are thankful for that" said producer Meike Kordes last weekend.

Kordes & Kordes Film Production garnered €250,000 in funding from BKM for the nomination of their production FOUR MINUTES for "Best Film."
Chris Kraus, director and co-producer, received two nominations for "Best Director" and "Best Screenplay."
Hannah Herzsprung was also nominated for "Best Actress" for FOUR MINUTES and "Best Supporting Actress" for DAS WAHRE LEBEN (D: Alain Gsponer). This is a first-time in the history of the German Film Awards.
Monica Bleibtreu was also nominated for "Best Actress," underlining the exceptional performance of the entire ensemble. Judith Kaufmann (Best D.O.P.), Uta Schmidt (Best Picture Editing), Andreas Ruft (Best Sound Recording), Robin Pohl (Best Sound Design), and Jörg Höhne (Best Sound Mix) rounded off the successful nominations for FOUR MINUTES.

The German Film Awards take place on the 4th of May, 2007. Moderated by Bully Herbig, the gala ceremony will be broadcast in the prime time slot 21:15 by ZDF.

FOUR MINUTES wins in Genua and Bozen - written on 17.03.2007

Shower of awards for FOUR MINUTES continues.
Chris Kraus's festival hit wins three awards in Genua and Bozen
The internationally acclaimed film FOUR MINUTES won three more awards in Italy last weekend. Directed by Chris Kraus, the drama won "Best Film" at the 21st Bozen Film Fest while garnering "Best Film" and the audience award at the international Film Festival in Genua.
FOUR MINUTES, laden with awards and already sold in almost 40 countries, is an audience favorite starting the third of May, 2007 in Italy. The Bozen jury was impressed with the complex themes, the strong, contemporary cinematic language and the role of music in FOUR MINUTES. They strongly emphasized the performances by Hannah Herzsprung and Monica Bleibtreu. Both actresses have won the Bavarian Film Award for best actress and have been nominated for "Best Actress" for the German Film Awards 2007. FOUR MINUTES received six other nominations, including best director and best film. The Lolas will be awarded at a gala award ceremony on May 4th, 2007, broadcast live by ZDF at 21:15.