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FOUR MINUTES wins in Sofia - written on 17.03.2007

German Films successful in Bulgaria

The competition film FOUR MINUTES won several awards at the gala finale ceremony of the 11th International Film Festival in Sofia. Chris Kraus was awarded as "Best Director" by the celebrated members of the jury, which was headed by Bakhtiar Khudojnazarov (LUNA PAPA). In addition, the International Film Critics' Guild FIPRESCI awarded the German production as "Best Film." Given standing ovations by audiences, FOUR MINUTES has been distributed to Bulgaria by beta cinema. It starts in the fall of 2007.

The Serbian-Hungarian-German co-production DIE FALLE, another film with German financial backing, received the main award, the "Stella Artoix Grand Prix." The Brasilian FISH DREAMS (D. Kirill Mikhanovsky) won the "Special Jury Award." Wim Wenders was honored for his life's work.

The "Sofia international Film Festival" is one of the most prominent, ambitious East European film festivals. It broke its own record this year with 80,000 visitors. This year's emphasis was on German films, with a gala screening of THE LIVES OF OTHERS and a series of screenings organized by German Films.

Expression of graditute - written on 30.01.2007

We thank all those who have congratulated us on winning the Bavarian Film Award for FOUR MINUTES.

Alexandra Kordes & Meike Kordes

FOUR MINUTES four-time winner - written on 28.01.2007

FOUR MINUTES won four awards at the Bavarian Film Awards on January 19th, 2007.

Minister President Edmund Stoiber gave out the awards at the festive gala event at the Munich Prince Reagent Theater for the 28th Bavarian Film Awards. The "Bavarian Oscar" is one of the most coveted and prestigious awards in the German film industry. The coveted awards are the hallmark of Bavarian culture and cinema.

FOUR MINUTES, by Chris Kraus, was the winner of the evening with four awards. Monica Bleibtreu was honored as best actress, and Hannah Herzsprung as best upcoming actress.

A paraphrase of the Jury's justifications for
- best actress (with 10,000 Euro) for Monica Bleibtreu for her role as pianist in the film FOUR MINUTES: Two women who couldn't be more different, encounter each other in the complex emotional film "Four Minutes" by Chris Kraus - an encounter that couldn't be more emotionally charged for the actresses and the audience. Monica Bleibtreu plays an aging piano teacher working in a women's prison who meets the unpredictable and impenetrable Jenny. Music becomes the stage where they confront each other. The fragile teacher doesn't give the aggressive Jenny an inch. It is fascinating to watch Monica Bleibtreu play a tough teacher, who has something boiling under the surface, with such refined enjoyment and precision. It is one of the most moving moments in the film when the disciplined old woman realizes that Jenny has changed her and she is now ready to risk everything for this girl, who has come under her protection. How Monica Bleibtrue manages to let this Prussian piano teacher open her heart is her secret...and her art.

-Best Upcoming Actress award (10,000) for Hannah Herzsprung for her role as Jenny in FOUR MINUTES: Hannah Herzsprung's debut role as the aggressive and tormented Jenny is a flamboyant success. Her explosive fits of violence mixed with her dedication to playing piano leaves one breathless. One is afraid of her...and for her. One sees that self-destruction is a big part of the rage that fuels her appetite for destruction. One never forgets her unpredictability, even when she is laughing. A deeply divided, wild young woman. Hannah Herzsprung's passion to play Jenny is believable and true in every moment. The Jury grants her the Best Upcoming Actress Award for her gripping performance.

- Screenplay Award for Chris Kraus for his film FOUR MINUTES: Chris Kraus, screenwriter and director, tells the story of a compelling duel in his film "Four Minutes." The conflict between an aging piano teacher and her highly gifted young student, who is condemned to life in prison for murder. Their biographies become darkly entwined as they prepare for their shared last big chance, a pianist competition. Music is the weapon in the battle for respect, dignity, and self-esteem. The screenplay is effective and suspenseful and allows the protagonists to express complex, multi-faceted characters.

- VGF Award for Meike and Alexandra Kordes for FOUR MINUTES (60,000): Meike Kordes and Alexandra Kordes receive the award for FOUR MINUTES. It is the young production company's national and international debut.