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POll (WT) Film shooting is launched - written on 13.07.2009

On 2nd of July 2009 began the shooting of Chris Kraus' new film POLL (WT) in Estonia.

FOUR MINUTES: Further awards from Africa & France - written on 11.02.2008

During the course of this year’s 58th Berlin Film Festival, the Kordes & Kordes-produced feature FOUR MINUTES garnered another three international awards this Saturday and has now passed the total mark of 40 film prizes.

Director Chris Kraus accepted awards for "Best Feature Film" and "Best Actress" (Monica Bleibtreu) from the "6th International Images Film Festival" Harare in Zimbabwe, presented to him by Dr Jürgen Maier, Commercial Director of the Goethe Institute. "I’m completely astounded! Until today no one had told us that we won two awards in Africa.", Kraus told the 300 invitees attending the Goethe Institute Reception traditionally held at the Berlin Film Festival.

In addition, Producer Meike Kordes was awarded the "Coup de Foudre du Public" by weekly French industry paper "Ecran Total" and cultural channel "Canal Plus", honouring the great success FOUR MINUTES has been with French cinema audiences. The prize was determined via an audience survey by the paper, notes Serge Siritzky, CEO of "Ecran Total": "According to our weekly poll, the French public has been crazed by your film." The "Coup de Foudre du Public" is only awarded ten times a year. Within three weeks of its initial release in France, FOUR MINUTES had already attracted far over 100.000 spectators.

The prison-set love duel between two pianists played by Hannah Herzsprung and Monica Bleibtreu opens in the UK on March 3rd 2008 and in the US on April 18th 2008.

France loves FOUR MINUTES - written on 19.11.2007

The German Film prize winner FOUR MINUTES (director: Chris Kraus) received four top-class international prizes at various festivals in France last weekend.

At the biggest and most prominent music and film festival worldwide, the "8. Festival International Musique & Cinema" in Auxerre, the prison drama won the “Special Jury Prize” for Best Film. Both of the acting prizes also went to FOUR MINUTES. Both Monica Bleibtreu, who plays a strict piano teacher in the film, and Hannah Herzsprung, who is convincing as a violent prisoner, were honoured in Auxerre for their performances.

On the same day at the "16th International Film Festival Sarlat," FOUR MINUTES was awarded the "Youth Jury Award" for best film, worth 20.000 Euros. The prize money, which was donated by the French Pay-TV channel TPS, will be credited to the French distributor EUROPACORP for releasing FOUR MINUTES.

FOUR MINUTES opens in France on the 16th of January 2008 with 82 screenings to become the largest premiere the internationally successful Kordes & Kordes production company have had to date.

First run in Italy - written on 30.05.2007

Sensational start for FOUR MINUTES in Italy.
FOUR MINUTES, winner of the German Film Award, had a sensational start in Italy. Already dubbed "best film" in Bozen and Genua a month before, FOUR MINUTES also won the audience award in Genua. Chris Kraus's drama (writer and director) is now taking Italian audiences by storm.
FOUR MINUTES, just a week after starting, was second place in viewers per copy, beaten only by the blockbuster "Spiderman 3." Ladyfilm, the international distributer, reacted quickly to meet the rising demands of the audience and tripled the number of copies in the second week. Meanwhile, FOUR MINUTES is in slot 12, rising from 16 at the Italian box office charts.

Expression of graditute - written on 15.05.2007

For the many, e-mails, flowers and post cards congratulating us warmly for the German Film Award we would like to send out thanks from the bottom of our hearts to partners, funders, companions and friends!!!

Alexandra Kordes & Meike Kordes