D 2004/05
D: Katinka Feistl
W: Katinka Feistl/Gwendolyn Bellmann

TV movie, Drama, 92 min.

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Tiffany (Viktoria Gabrysch) is in her early twenties, a cosmetics saleswoman, and somewhat corpulent. She blames her body, which doesn't conform to the current ideal of thinness, for the lack of success she has experienced up to now. She is torn between what her world suggests, namely that she isn't thin enough, and her natural, healthy self-esteem, which knows no boundaries. She knows what she's capable of and often dresses herself to be noticed, and sexy, even if others find this inappropriate or strange.

Her mother (Sabine Orléans) is a frightening example for her: fat and unmarried, her life consists "only" of her daughter and her telephone work, which she does at home. "Ulla's Advice for Happiness", her business, is a service where she reads Tarot cards over the phone. When Tiffany ends up in a bar while going out in the city she gets to know Falk (Sebastian Ströbel). He is curious about her after she refuses to be thrown out into the cold. Falk, himself perfectly beautiful, likes people with their own style.

She spends the night with him. This night is something new for Tiffany: they become intimate without touching each other. Afterwards, Falk behaves ambiguously. He responds to her advances but balks whenever it gets too physically intimate. Yet the notion that she is simply too fat to be attractive grows and grows. Finally her fears are realised when her boss fires her, despite her successful sales record, in order to hire a thinner girl in her place.

Thrown completely off balance, Tiffany decides to have her belly removed with the scalpel; this most despised belly! Yet operations are expensive and the now jobless Tiffany cannot afford it. Eventually she steals from her own mother in order to put herself under the knife. The operation is serious and it takes a while for her to get back on her feet. Afterwards she finds herself getting a different treatment from her world, but it is one that she did not expect. One question fires up Tiffany's imagination: what would happen if she were standing in front of Falk with her new body? Would she finally win him over? She anticipates this moment with great excitement...