D 2005/06
D: Chris Kraus
W: Chris Kraus

Motion picture, Drama, 35mm, 112 min.

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The second feature film by director Chris Kraus tells in feverish pictures the story of an impossible relationship. For over sixty years, aged pianist Traude Krüger (Monica Bleibtreu) gives piano lessons in the women's prison. However, the encounter with Jenny (Hannah Herzsprung), becomes even for the hardened Traude to an unexpected challenge. Apparently closed, unpredictable and destructive, she discovers the young womans great talent that remained hidden for a long time. Jenny could even create a prestigious piano contest to win, where she could participate in spite of their imprisonment.

The preparation for the competition becomes a power struggle between the rebellious Jenny and her strict piano teacher: A duel of life and love that touches the hidden wounds of the two women. In a furious finale, Jenny has only four minutes to do something that nobody, not even Traute expected of her.