D 2013
D / W: Axel Ranisch

In coproduction with ZDF / Das kleine Fernsehspiel & arte
Supported by MBB.

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Actually, Florian Herbst is happiest when his dad isnít at home. Then he can dance around the house with his mum, wear crazy costumes and forget all his troubles.
And Hanno Herbst doesnít really know what to do with his son, who has two left hands, a much too big belly and is neither interested in sports nor girls.
But itís not that bad! There is still mum.
With a tender dominance she keeps the familyís fragile harmony in check and protects her two men from each other. At least until one terrible morning, when the house of cards collapses and mum vanishes from their lives from one moment to the next.
Father and son are left behind, overwhelmed, but gradually learn to cope and find common ground. This is the story of I feel like Disco.
Sometimes humorous and absurd, sometimes sad, sometimes fabulous.