D 2012
D: Aelrun Goette
W: Aelrun Goette

TV Movie, Drama, HD, 90 Min.

A commissioned production for Westdeuscher Rundfunk and arte.

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A small town somewhere in Germany. 16-year old Luca shot and killed two people at school. One year later the girl's trial begins. Still she maintains her silence. Her mother Katharina struggles to reconnect with the hostile environment, her helpless husband and above all, with Luca. The questions remain, devouring all answers. Life has to go on. But how can it?

Aelrun Goette's new film picks up where the headlines end. In life with and after the atrocity. An inventory of human relationships in a state of emergency.

TOMORROW ONE YEAR describes a longing for closeness and the inability to live it. A view from inside, from the core of Germany.