D 2011
D: Imogen Kimmel
W: Judith Angerbauer

TV movie, dramedy, 16mm, 89 Min.

In coproduction with Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen.

Synopsis // Crew // Cast

Bon vivant Roman (Fritz Karl) cannot wait to sell off his inheritance. Putting the parental farm on the market would lead to a reconciliation with his wife Clara (Carolina Vera), yet his brother Adrian (Alexander Beyer) refuses to give his consent, his secluded way of life on the alp simply abides by different values.
The vast disparity between the brothers is a well-known fact down in the village also: Whilst go-getter Roman keeps arguing with tax collector Ms Stoeckl (Andrea Sawatzki) and further descends into financial chaos, introverted and vulnerable Adrian secretly struggles with his feelings for Maggie (Alwara Höfels).
Imogen Kimmel’s film is a modern-day ‘Heimatfilm’, telling a warmhearted and humorous story about compromise, reconciliation and the importance of making the right choice.