D 2009/10
D: Chris Kraus
W: Chris Kraus

In Coproduction with DOR Film, Amrion,
SWR, BR, arte, Degeto and ORF Film/Fernsehabkommen

Feature film, Historical drama, 35mm, ca. 120 min.

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On the eve of World War I, 14-year-old Oda von Siering returns to Poll, her family home on the Baltic coast, a region uneasily shared by Germans, Russians and Estonians. With her are the mortal remains of her mother, who passed away in Berlin. Awaiting the bright and inquisitive girl are her father Ebbo, an eccentric scientist with a dubious interest in racial breeding; her aunt Milla, who flees reality through music and affairs; and other members of her aristocratic German family, who are clinging to their privileges in a world on the brink of disaster. Upon finding a wounded Estonian anarchist on the estate, the passionate, impulsive Oda fearlessly hides him and secretly nurses him back to health, aware that her deed could trigger a chain reaction of uncontrollable violence. She falls in love with the young man, a writer who stimulates her craving for romance and adventure. He, however, plans to leave Poll as soon as possible. But he underestimates the power of her feelings toward him and of her alienation from a world she has little in common with.

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