D 2007
D: Martina Elbert
W: Martina Elbert

TV movie, Drama, S16mm, 90 min.

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After Ellen (Esther Zimmering) experiences by an unpleasant way about her husband's affair she grabs her entire family, and completely headlong rushes to leave the common home and goes with the whole household in the much smaller apartment of her brother. There already after a short period of time exists a complete chaos. But the otherwise perfect Ellen finds neither the time nor the leisure to put a stop to it. Instead she becomes to be a perfect displacer. With the feelings of separation totally overwhelmed, Ellen falls in her new job and puts all their energy into it and not noticing how much her 11 year old daughter Nina (Gina and Sandy Holzapfel) is suffering under the prevailing domestic circumstances.

The desperate Nina starts to lose all confidence in her mother, cutting itself off more and more, skipping school and spending her time in her new, meticulously neat furnished home - a tent on the riverbank. As the situation is escalating Ellen needs tobe anxious for the custody for her child. Ellen is aware that it may go no furtherlike this.