D 2003/05
D: Arielle Artsztein/Esther Slevogt
W: Arielle Artsztein/Esther Slevogt

Documentary, DigiBeta, 86 min.

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The documentary about the great hall in Berlin's Jewish Community Center. For one year the Berlin based directors Arielle Artsztein and Esther Slevogt have been following diverse activities here, in the kitchen which belongs to the place and the kosher restaurant at the same floor. Activities such as holidays, weddings, parties or holocaust-memorials with high ranking German politicians. Beside that the film portrays some people, who represent Berlin's Jews: the Rabbi, the old community-photographer, Russian immigrants and old German survivors, secular and religious, old an young Jews in Berlin. Meeting point and meltingpot of this heterogenity is the great hall. It holds everything and in spite of the clash of Jewish postwar-identities in the present, is finally generating a new generation.