D 2004
D: Max Julian Otto
W: Max Julian Otto

Digital Animation, Socialspot, 35mm, 2 min.

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A gleaming green meadow, white woolly balls dotted across it - a flock of sheep. The animals are busy with sheep-like activities: they tug out grass, bleat good-naturedly and chew.
Suddenly the barking of a dog can be heard - quiet at first, then louder, and with increasing loudness the barking begins to resemble a speech. The first sheep raises its head and looks around. Now we see the orator, to whom the sheep are listening in fascination: a German shepherd dog...
Its dark silhouette looks monumental against the back light. Seen from the low point of view of a sheep the dog looks wonderfully dangerous, and as it throws back its head masterfully the sheep go wild: BLEAT!

Fade out and in signal time has passed, and indeed, the sheep have changed - they stand lined up in rank and file and they all have shaved heads. Another, sharp bleat BLEAT is heard, and the sheep begin to march, following their leader. Singing enthusiastically, they march on and on and on, until... the ground beneath their feet is more than dry and the leader barks a "Hold". Bleating pitifully, the little flock stand lost in the middle of an endless desert stretching out beyond the horizon. And now? A single sheep sees through the swindle, realizes how dangerous the situation is, what a mistake they have made, and takes a quick decision. It steps out of line, turns around and courageously and all alone begins to make its way back.